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Boost Your Motivation

You’re not alone. Not everyone finds it easy to stick to an exercise routine. Here are some ideas:

Set a schedule with yourself. Write appointments for exercise in your day planner just like you would make for work or a doctor’s appointment, and hold yourself too it. Write those appointments in pen and stay firm when someone asks for your time during your planned exercise session.

Come up with a reward. Decide that you’ll buy yourself something special or go on a trip after you’ve completed a certain number of training sessions. Receive small rewards after about a week, and larger ones after about a month.

Make it fun. Find ways to exercise you genuinely enjoy. Try a new class or a new sport. Join up with a friend to work out with. Exercise should not be drudgery! Download some new tunes for your ipod, or watch a TV while you do cardio.

Make it challenging. Enter yourself in a local race or contest so you have something to train for. Or, set up your own at work. Don’t be afraid to continue to reach for longer distances, faster times or harder events. Even those who compete can find themselves in a rut. If you find a cool event that isn’t nearby, plan your next vacation around it.

Make rules for yourself. Do you find that if you don’t work out in the morning you never get to it? Set the rule that you work out, first thing—no exceptions. Make it non-negotiable. You will find that after a few weeks of taking yourself seriously, it will become second nature.

Put away your fat pants. Wear only form fitting clothing that, if anything, is a bit snug. You’ll think twice before you blow off your next workout. You’ll also be less inclined to overeat. Better yet, give those fat pants away to charity. If you have to open your wallet to buy new clothes that fit your expanding body, you will think twice before digging into those second and third helpings.

Don’t expect perfection. Realize that it’s OK to miss a workout here and there, but you need to jump right back on the wagon ASAP. There is no sense in beating yourself up. It’s what you do most of the time that counts. Don’t let a small slip turn into a full-blown tumble!

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