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Fast Weight Loss

Safe and Fast Weight Loss


Losing around 3 pounds a week is safe according to experts. A safe and quick weight loss program should include a comprehensive approach toward changing your lifestyle and food habits. Here are a few ways by which you can ensure that you get in the best shape in a safe manner.


Quick weight loss


  • If your calorie intake is 500 calories less than what you burn off in a week, you should be able to lose around 1-2 pounds. To lose weight even faster, you'll have to exercise more and eat less.
  • Limiting the intake of starches and salts may reduce your weight at the start, but it won't be very effective as these are all fluids and not fat.


Weight loss diets


  • Following diets which can minimize added sugars, starches, and fat from dairy foods and meat    contribute toward quick weight loss.
  • Fill up your stomach with vegetables when you get hungry.
  • Remove fatty and tempting food from your kitchen and drink lots of water.
  • Keep yourself busy and don't skip your meals.
  • Keep a record or a journal of the things you have eaten to track down how much you have improved.




Quick weight loss is not just about changing what you eat. You have to prepare yourself to break sweat over the coming days and weeks to get into shape. An hour of moderate exercising everyday is an effective way of losing weight. Concentrate on doing strength and cardio training. Cardio training is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, but these should be complemented with strength training afterward for a few hours every week.


If you have some type of chronic condition, you should first check with specialists. You also have to be careful with your exercising by starting at a slower pace and then increasing it successively, in order to avoid any injury. A way to do this is trying out interval training – short bursts of rigorous workout followed by a slower pace, and repeating this through the session.


Fad and crash diets


There are many diet crazes out there, which claim to be too good to be true. Avoid programs which promote laxatives, detoxification pills, potions, or fasting, and other programs that claim to reduce weight by more than 2-3 pounds every week. Cutting down on calories to sub-1200 calories per day levels can be counterproductive for the body, as your muscles also play an important role in exercising effectively. By taking in very less calories, you risk losing precious muscle, which can be very detrimental to the body as it reduces the pace of metabolism and makes increasing the duration or intensity of the exercises very difficult. Fad diets are planned in such a way that you will once again have to start from the ground level if you stop the diet midway.


So, go ahead and change your habits to lose weight in a fast and healthy way. But do it correctly so as to ensure lasting success for your endeavors.


Changing the cooking methods can also help in preparing low cholesterol diets. Broiling, grilling, or roasting can greatly cut the fat intake from different types of meat. These cooking techniques let some amount of the fat drip off from the meat, instead of cooking the meat in its own fat, or some other fatty sauce. You should also opt for leaner slices of meat.



  • Avoid fast foods as these are rich in sodium, calories, and fats, which are a primary reason behind many heart ailments.


By following these steps, you can ensure that you're doing your part in reducing the harmful effects of the bad cholesterol in the body. It's never too late to start controlling your diet to reflect your healthy lifestyle.

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