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Importance of a Strong Core

The Importance of a Strong Core

To many people, the primary objective of core work is to reveal a slimmer waistline or six-pack abdominal muscles. While you might want to look better in a bikini this summer, that is not the only reason to desire a strong core. The reality is that a strong core can help you in plenty of practical ways, and you should devote some of your workout schedule to abdominal, oblique and back strengthening exercises to give your core greater strength for all areas of life.

Balance in Daily Life
When you are young, you might take balance for granted. One of the key ways to prevent slips and falls is by having balance and stability, and part of that comes from having a strong core. You have a lower risk of falling and getting hurt if you can balance with ease on any kind of terrain.

Better Posture Through Stronger Abdominal Muscles
There are few people who don't look better with great posture. When you stand up straight, you will look more professional, more confident and more attractive. If you have a weak core, you might find yourself slouched over naturally, which is something that will only worsen over time. Core strength will help you to keep your back straight when sitting as well as standing.

Improved Sports Performance
Whether you are a serious marathon runner or a casual member of the local bowling league, a strong core can make a difference in your performance. You will be able to endure longer without fatigue, reduce your risk of injury and perform at a higher level all around. Since adding in core work doesn't necessarily require a gym membership or even expensive equipment, it is an easy thing to include in your weekly exercise routine.

Less Back Pain
Many people simply don't understand the connection between core strength and back pain, but the two are undoubtedly linked. If your core is weak, your back has to take on the challenge of holding up your torso when sitting as well as standing. If you have chronic lower back pain, incorporating regular core work into your routine might actually strengthen your back at the same time and reduce pain or discomfort.

A strong core can be aesthetically pleasing, but there are benefits beyond just looking good. Regular exercises for your obliques and abdominal muscles can make daily activities easier, improve your sports performance, reduce back pain and even improve your posture. 

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