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Outdoor Workouts Fun

When the weather is beautiful, you can still get the benefits of resistance training without being cooped up in my home or in a gym. Here is how!

1.     Use Resistance Tubing

One of the best ways to get the benefits of resistance training outside of a traditional gym is by using resistance bands or resistance tubing. Available in any sporting goods stores (and really, any Target or Wal-Mart, etc), resistance bands are portable, cheap, versatile, and effective.

By stepping on the band to anchor it, you can perform exercises for your shoulders, biceps, triceps, upper back, and quads. If you are able to find a small tree, you could anchor your band for a chest press, standing row, or trunk rotations. You can target every single muscle group!

2.     Perform Body Weight Exercises

Wait… who needs equipment?! If you’re itching to get out the door right this minute, and you don’t have a single piece of portable exercise equipment, don’t fret! Some of the very best exercises can be done using your own body weight.

For example, if you usually do a chest press with free weights, a simple push up will target the same muscles. Instead of tricep rope pulls, try triceps dips. What about the legs? Simple. Squats and lunges can be plenty difficult without weights. Try adding jumps between repetitions, or holding a squat or lunge (plank style) for 30 seconds.

3.     Use Nature!

This may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but if you’re heading out into the wilderness (or your nearest woodsy walking trail), just look around you. Rocks, branches, logs, and trees can all be used in various ways to add resistance to your nature walk. To target your rotator cuff and shoulder area, find two small rocks of equal size and weight to perform lateral shoulder raises and overhead press with. Have a seat on a sturdy log or stump – you’ll notice it’s a great platform for incline pushups, triceps dips, or step ups.

In short, don’t feel like you are forced to spend your summer days cooped up inside – you can achieve amazing results by adapting your exercise routine to be performed outdoors. Not only will the extra sunshine energize and invigorate you—it will give you a little extra vitamin D as well!

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