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Q & A -

Q & A -

Questions for Jenny Lynn
Name:  Jenny Lynn   
Age:  37
Where do you live:  Euless, Texas (outside Dallas)
How many years as a professional:  9 years  Turned pro at the 2001 NPC USA's
How many years competing total: 10 years
Your biggest accomplishments in the IFBB and NPC:  I won the 2003, 2004 and 2005 Arnold Classic Figure International and 2006 and 2007 Figure Olympia's
Tell us what your biggest goal is for this year's Olympia?  I want to present the best physique I ever have!  That's always the goal, right?!  I had a bunch of things go wrong last year.  Fortunately, I've used that negative experience to fuel me and come back better than ever this year!!!!
Tell us how you reacted when you heard the news that Jennifer Gates would not be competing for her title again this year?  Jenn and I are friends and when I heard she was pregnant I was thrilled for her.  I'm a competitive person but I've learned after competing in 30 subjective physique only compete against yourself and that's all you control. 
Who do you think is your biggest competition at the Figure Olympia this year?  With my experience, I've learned you can't count anyone out.  All of the competitors at the Olympia have proven themselves and qualified to be there which makes everyone a contender.
YOU are a former champion of the Olympia do you think its harder winning this title back or trying to win it for the first time, and why?  I'm not sure.  We are always compared to whatever our best physiques were previously.  Mine had been Olympia's so I need to be better than ever before.  Really, it's about busting my butt and presenting what I'm capable of.  I know where I need to be!!
What is your current training schedule? I train with IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor, Trish Warren who trains like a maniac which has been awesome for me!!!!
Day 1:  Shoulders
Day 2:  Legs
Day3:  Day Off  (track/plyos)
Day 4:  Back
Day 5:  Glutes/Hamstrings
Day 6:  Day Off  (track/plyos)
Day 7: Day Off (cardio only)
What is your current cardio schedule? 2 weeks out from the Olympia....2 hours a dayJ!
Can you tell us about your nutrition for a show like the Figure Olympia?  Right now I eat tilapia for 5 of 6 meals and chicken for 1.  1/3 c. oats with my first meal and every other meal is protein and veggies.
In my opinion you are one of the most popular faces in the IFBB, what is your favorite part about being an athlete at this level?  Honestly, it’s getting the opportunity to help other people achieve their fitness and physique goals.  This journey has been so fulfilling to me personally not because of winning contests but because the people I've met and have been able to help.
You and I are both the athlete representatives for the IFBB for Figure and for Fitness, I am curious, what is your opinion on the growth of Figure and what would you like to see changed for 2010?  I'm proposing we just do one 2-piece round.  I've had several Pro Figure athletes request this mostly because of the cost of suits.  As far as Figure's growth, it's certainly still flourishing in the NPC and therefore, the IFBB!!
Just my opinion: (dont' have to answer this if you don't want)  You have had such a roller coaster career , from fitness to figure, married to divorced, yet you are still moving forward and still smiling.  Where do you gather your strength from and if other readers were in your shoes , what would you encourage them to do for inspiration?  No joke!!!!!  In 10 years competing, I’ve pretty much been through every possible scenario….good, bad and otherwise both personally and professionally! But, fortunately I’m a pretty optimistic person and feel like apparently these were all just lessons I needed to learn this lifetime. I do believe God has a game plan for me and feel very blessed to have achieved what I have and be able to share my knowledge with others.
YOU are a big part of a comic book, can you tell us about it and where can we get one? Yeah, and I’m a total bad assJ!!!!!! Which is only funny because anyone who knows me very well, knows that I’m about the furthest thing from a bad ass! I am by no means tough!!!! However, my alter ego kicks some butt in the comic book! You can purchase the comic book through my manager JM Manion at:
What booth at the Olympia will you be at and can we come buy for a photo?
I am sponsored with Ultimate Nutrition and will be at their booth on Friday from 2-4PM after pre-judging and Saturday 11AM-1PM. Please stop by and say Hi!!!!!
At the Olympia this year, you are predicted to do very well. Do you think this inspires you or challenges you more? Time will tell but I’m inspired largely because I’m surrounded by very positive, hard-working people and I’ve worked my tail off!!!
When you are done competing in Vegas at the Olympia this year, win or lose: What do you think will be your biggest challenge when the show is over for your life?
 I have lived in the Dallas area since the beginning of the year but have been dieting and living in my bubble pretty much the entire time. I need to get out and meet people here….that’s my post Olympia goalJ!
YOU have recently started your own camp? Which I think is awesome and find very rewarding, can you tell us about the camp and what it entails?
Yep, Trish and I have started offering our Rock Star Fitness Workshops. Our next workshop is set for Saturday, October 10th here in Dallas. 
Here’s an itinerary of what we’ll be covering:
with Jenny Lynn and Trish Warren
Saturday, October 10th, 2009: 
8AM: Meet at Stroud’s Gym
8:30-10AM: Track Workout (sprints, drills, stairs, plyometrics)
11AM-1PM: Upper Body Workout at Stroud’s Gym
1:30-3PM: Seminar covering all aspects of contest preparation including nutrition, weight training, conditioning, tanning, suits, stage make-up
3:00-4:30PM: Leg Workout at Stroud’s Gym
4:30-6:00PM: Posing Seminar at Stroud’s Gym
Answer with short answers:
Favorite cardio session is? Running outside when it’s relatively cool out
#1 regret as an athlete? Life’s experiences I’ve missed because I was dieting and/or on cardio machines
What is your favorite thing about the Olympia? It’s our Super Bowl so the excitement and hype is unreal!! And, my mom always bakes me cookies and brings them to VegasJ!!
If you win 1st place at the O, what will you buy first? Maybe a vacation somewhere I don’t need to eat food out of Tupperware or live on cardio machinesJ!!
#1 most proudest moment as Jenny Lynn? Probably the success of my 12-Week Transformation Challenge clients
Anyone you would like to Thank? Absolutely!! Anyone who competes knows that although you are alone on stage, it would not be possible without everyone else who helps you get there. A huge thank you goes out to my parents; my manager, JM Manion; my sponsor, Ultimate Nutrition; my workout partner, Trish Warren; my best friend, Brenda James and Matt Lehr who has helped cooked a lot of my food and is always there to motivate meJ! Having great people in your corner is key!!!!!
Anything you would like to promote? You bet and everything can be found at my website:
·Trish and I are in the process of filming a DVD together which will include our contest prep workouts and a behind the scenes look into the Olympia experience. It will be available in November we hope!!
·We have our Rock Star Workshop in Dallas October 10th.
·We also have a new apparel and active wear line, HeavenSent. We offer fun, trendy, affordable tanks and tee-shirts plus a complete active wear line.

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