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Stability Ball Training

Stability Ball Training

When you think of the most important pieces of fitness equipment, the round inflatable stability ball might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, it can be an incredibly useful and versatile tool whether you are at a gym or working out at home. Stability balls are also affordable, and you can use them to get a full-body workout if you know what exercises to try. Here are some of the best ways to use your own stability ball.

Tricep Dip
For this move, you will need a stability ball as well as a stable chair or bench. Place your hands on the bench behind you with your fingers facing your back and place your feet in front of you balancing on the stability ball. As you slowly bend and raise your elbows, you should feel it in the triceps.

Stability Ball Push-Ups
If you can already perform a handful of push-ups on the floor, it is time to progress to performing them with the use of a stability ball. Instead of placing your feet on the floor, simply place them on the top of the ball. As little as five repetitions can help work your chest, back, biceps and deltoids.

Stability Ball Squats
To work your lower body, few exercises can compete with the effectiveness of squats. The next time you are getting ready to do squats, place the stability ball between you and a wall. Keeping the ball between you and the wall, lower your body into a squat position and then slowly stand up. This move ensures that you complete each squat with correct form.

Traditional Crunches on a Stability Ball
If traditional crunches aren't giving you the results you want, try to do them on a stability ball rather than on the floor. Your back should be on the ball, but your hips and shoulders should not be touching it. With your hands behind your head, repeat 10-15 sit-ups for a fantastic abdominal move.

Plank on a Stability Ball
This move works almost every muscle in the body, and it can be a great way to quickly feel a burn when you are in a hurry. Get into a traditional push-up position, but place your forearms together on the ball while your feet are on the ground with your legs fully extended. Hold the position for upwards of 60 seconds if possible.

Using a stability ball can be a smart way to bring a whole new kind of exercise to your routine. These moves don't take a lot of time, but they can bring about real results. 

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