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Teen Fitness Training

Teen Fitness Training

The teenage years are an important time to establish healthy fitness habits. Some teenagers will want to improve their overall wellness, and others may want to gain a competitive edge on their junior varsity or varsity teams. Teens can benefit from cardiovascular and strength training programs. Ultimately, teen fitness programs are most successful when the pupils are eating healthy, well-balanced diets. Developing a great fitness program for teens is easy when a few issues are taken into consideration first.

Strength Training

Since teenagers are physically and physiologically immature, great care should be taken when beginning a fitness program. Properly preparing young students for safe weight training is important. Education about safe training techniques and breathing exercises can help to lessen the potential for strains and other injuries. Multi-joint exercises that allow limbs a full range of motion are a great idea. Speed should always be controlled. A gradual application of weights is the safest approach for resistance training. Teens should definitely avoid power lifting or overstraining their muscles. A personal trainer can suggest safe frequency and intensity guidelines for young people to follow. Each teenager is different, and a personalized approach can ensure the safest program is selected.

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular workouts can also be introduced gradually. There are a variety of low impact cardiovascular activities for teens to choose from. Swimming is a popular choice. It’s important to remember that a certified lifeguard should be on duty at all times when teens are swimming. A swim instructor is also a great asset for new competitive swimmers. Proper stroke technique can help to maximize cardiovascular workouts and decrease the potential for injuries. Teens are discouraged from running too much. Running is a great cardiovascular activity, but it is fairly high impact on developing bones and joints. A trainer can instruct young pupils about proper stride techniques to avoid unnecessary skeletal stress. Cycling and spinning are great, low-impact, cardiovascular activities for teens. Teens are also encouraged to use stationary elliptical trainers for improving cardiovascular health.

Health Eating and Teen Wellness

Ultimately, teen fitness depends upon a healthy diet. Teenagers who eat junk food are never going to excel in a fitness training program. Their developing bodies need the proper fuel to do well. Not every family provides health meal options to children, so it is also important to discuss dietary requirements with parents. Teens should be counseled on healthy dietary choices. Their fitness depends upon it. 

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