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The Ketogenic Diet:

Recently, the Ketogenic diet has started to make some noise in the fitness industry. Why you ask? Well the answer to that is a pretty easy one. The ketogenic diet helps individuals lose alot of weight, most of it fat, in a very short period of time. At this very moment I am on a Ketogenic diet to prepare for my next fitness competition.

There are two types of Ketogenic diet. The Targeted Ketogenic Diet and the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet. For the sake of this article we will focus on the CKD. A person who is on the CKD completely depletes their body of all carbohydrate sources and supplemnts the missing carb calories with primarily fat and protein. This is usaully on a 70-5-25 ratio of fat, carbohydrares and protein. The reason you want to deplete your body of carbs is because that is what your body uses for energy. We want the body to switch gears and use bodyfat for fuel and as all of the glycogen in the body is depleted, the body will turn to fat stores for energy. Basically you are burning some form of fat 24 hours a day!

This might sound great but it doesn't come without it's own set of hardships. A person just starting out on the CKD might feel tired, have "brain fog," bad smell to breath and urine and depending on how big a part carbs played in the individuals life; they might be just a bit cranky. The reason a person has foul breath and urine is because when the body is using fat for energy, the by-product are ketones. Ketones are what the brain secretes afte enzymes have broken down a fat molecule and ketones have a very strong ammonia smell. Luckily the bad breath only lasts for a few days. If after being on the CKD you still want physical proof that you are burning body fat for energy, you can pick up Ketostiks from your local pharmacy. These sticks can detect ketone in the urine and if it turns light pink you are in a ketogenic state or ketosis.

A person usaully loses about 5 pounds or more in water weight during the first week and the weight loss following this week varies from person to person. After the second week a person is on the CKD they have a 48 hour carb up period where they trick their metabolism into catching on fire again. The great part about this phase of the diet is that even though you are eating all those foods you loved before the diet; you are still burning fat because the muscles are soaking up all of the nutrients after being depleted for so long. This process is refered to as "muscle super compensation." After the carb up phase you return to the CKD and keep repeating this cycle until you have reached your weight goals. I have gotten down to 5 percent body fat using this diet and my clients all love the results they are getting by being on it, so maybe you should give it a try. If you don't like it you can easily convert to you old diet and no damage was done.

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