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Womens Fitness Tips

#1        Keep a training log.  Know your routine before you start, so that you can track your progress and make weight changes when your body stops responding to your program. 

#2        Always work to intensity.  If you are lifting weights and can perform more than 15 reps in any set, you need to increase weights.

#3        Don’t let your body plateau.  It takes 4-6 weeks for your body to adjust to your cardio or weightlifting program.  You must increase your weights, intensity and variations to continue to tone and lose fat.

#4        Get more burn for your buck.  Chose circuit training.  Circuit training format utilizes a group of 6-10 exercises completed one after the other with very little rest.  Because many muscles are engaged, more toning occurs and calories are burned.  It is the best way to burn calories in the fastest time.  Weightlifting burns 200-250 calories per hour while circuit training uses weights and body resistance burns 350-550 per hour.

#5        Build a routine around multi-joint exercises like presses, rows and squats, to recruit the big muscles that burn the most calories.

#6        Plyo-magic:  try adding plyometrics (explosive movements) at the end of each set.  If you just performed 15 leg presses then follow it with 10 squat jumps.  If you perform a chest press then follow it with clapping push-ups.

#7        The secret of the 6-pack.  Your body fat levels, not your crunches, dictate your ability  to see your abs.  A low-carb diet, not a low fat diet is the way to go.   Cut back on the white breads, pasta and rice, to see your abs.

#8        Get a great personal trainer!  Find, interview and hire the personal trainer that will change your life.

#9        Eat the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in that order on your plate.  Classify foods on the plate in one of those categories and fill up in that order.  Before eating the ugly, drink a full glass of water and wait a few minutes to allow the body to signal that it’s full.

#10      To cut cravings, you have to balance insulin levels.  Fruit is your best defense against insulin highs and lows.

#11      Ignore deceptive labeling.  “All natural, healthy, no sugar added” means nothing, but is thrown around a lot to encourage sales. Pay attention to sugar grams and calories per serving.  Anything under 5 grams doesn’t spike your insulin which causes fat storing.

#12      Eat five meals a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner.  Typically keep each meal around 450 calories and each snack around 150 calories.  If you are an athlete or on an intense workout plan, increase calories 300 per day.

#13      Always buy whole grains (the crunchy nuts and seeds kind).  The grains make it harder for the body to break down, so it’s slower-metabolized as sugar than as fat.

#14      Avoid high fructose corn syrup; it’s in processed foods like soda, sweetened cereal, yogurt, cookies, breads, spreads, dressings and ketchup.  It is quickly metabolized as fat and prevents your body from knowing it’s full.

#15      Avoid artificial sweeteners.  Pink, blue and yellow packs.  They stimulate cravings.  Stevia, Truvia and Agave are acceptable sweeteners.

#16      Crash diets make you fat.  Never eat under 1,200 calories a day-it slows metabolism by 20% and you will gain the weight back.  Starving yourself or skipping meals causes your body to lose 1 pound of muscle to every 3 pounds of fat.  Muscle speeds up metabolism; you never want to lose it.

#17      Eat more lean meats instead of bread.  It builds fat-burning muscle, curbs appetite and stimulates fat-burning hormones.

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