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The Find My Fitness Trainer Team will be reviewing your Personal Trainer lead application and will add your Personal Training and other Fitness related services to our Personal Trainer database.

How our service works? It is very simple. It is our goal to match potential clients with qualified Personal Trainers that are part of our Personal Trainer Network.

We accomplish this in several ways. First, we dedicate a large amount of our time target advertising on the web with a combination of search strategies that help us get exposed in markets throughout the US area, where we know that people are searching for Personal Training services through web-based searches. We then continue to target market your specific towns and cities where you have local reach with your Personal Training and Fitness related services.

***It is very important you provide us specific information and keep that information updated on both your cities and zip codes in terms of your coverage area for both in home and office/studio Personal Training services***

When a Personal Trainer lead comes into our network via our exclusive lead capture system, we initially verify and confirm the accuracy of the lead provided by the potential client. Once this process is completed, we then immediately search our extensive nationwide database for Trainers that match the specific client request criteria.

It is crucial that all client request submissions match. This includes the following three key match components:

  1. Local Reach - Match to State, City, Town & Zip code
  2. Trainer Gender - Would prefer a specific Male or Female Trainer to work with
  3. Personal Training Location - Would prefer In Home or Office/Studio Personal Training

Once we get a match specific to your requirements and they match the requirements of the lead, we connect you with the basic information of that lead. You will immediately be notified via email and optional text message that you have a NEW pending lead. You can then login using your unique Username and Password at in the area labeled Trainer Login and review the pending lead. When a lead is in Pending status, you will not have any information within the lead that contains the contact information. You will see those contact areas of the lead as XXXXXXX. However, all other information is visible for review.

You then have three options to choose from:

  1. Use a Lead Credit from your Budget - use any pre-purchased lead credits through PayPal billing services that may exist in your account. These can be bought at anytime and you can create your own monthly lead budget.
  2. Purchase a Lead Credit on Demand - You will instantly gain access by purchasing a lead credit on demand through PayPal billing services with either your paypal acct. or a major credit card.
  3. Decline the Lead - Once you do that, you will NOT be charged for that specific lead and any banked lead credits will NOT be used.

*** ALL Leads are charged at a flat rate of $20.00 per lead that you choose to purchase using Paypal billing services either on demand or through your banked lead credits.***

Remember These Personal Trainer Leads are Totally and Completely
Personal Trainer LEADS

Once you accept the Lead, you will have NO competition fighting for the same client with Multiple Personal Trainers from the same lead service

You will ONLY pay for Leads that are located in your specific coverage area that we work together on to target and build one potential client at a time.

WE work for YOU and your Personal Trainer Business 24/7 - 365 days every year focused on finding new clients to help improve your Personal Training business bottom line.

Your goal, once you approve and purchase the lead, is to immediately make contact with the potential client, utilizing all the detailed information we give you about the potential lead and to then close the sale into new revenues for your Personal Training company.


** Find My Fitness Trainer is NOT responsible for false information provided by a potential Fitness lead through our services. We ask for detailed personal contact information when someone requests to speak with a Personal Trainer, so we deem all leads are valid and accurate. If for some reason, you believe you were provided with a falsified lead, we will make every effort to review the lead provided and work on an acceptable resolution including a full refund.

Our Goals are Simple....Create a National Personal Trainer Network of Highly Qualified Certified Fitness Professionals that we can match up to highly motivated Clients searching for your Personal Training, Fitness related services in your Local Area of service coverage.

With your unique Personal Trainer login, our lead system provides:

  • Your first lead is FREE! — Building Business Partnership Day #1

  • A Complete lead management system
    • A private Personal Trainer dashboard for you to manage and track your leads.
    • Add and track your own leads from other sources (your website, local advertising, etc.)
    • With each lead you can add history details of actions performed such as sending an email, calling, meeting, etc.
    • Sales numbers recorder - keep track of monthly sales and your ROI ( Return on your Lead Investment)
    • Reminder module - setup reminders about upcoming appointments, phone calls, and more!

  • FREE Personal Trainer Rewards Program - Earn FREE Lead Credits by submitting exclusive articles on fitness, health and nutrition.
    • Earn one FREE lead credit for every six articles published on our website.
    • Each article will link to your Trainer profile page where they can send a Personal Trainer request exclusively to you.

  • FREE Personal Trainer Public Profile Webpage - A FREE Personal Trainer Listing
    • We are promoting your business and your Personal Training services to drive more Personal Training leads to you as potential clients find your profile.
    • Your articles will be proudly listed to provide more online exposure to your talents and Personal Training services.

  • FREE Personal Trainer Directory Listing
    • Along with your Trainer profile listing we provide a Nationwide Personal Trainer Directory that will also help expose your business and Personal Training services to potential Fitness clients. All for Absolutely FREE!

We look forward to supplying you and your Personal Training business with on-going, high quality, exclusive, cost effective Personal Training leads in the future!

Sign up to our growing Network today!

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