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My Personal Trainer Leads

My Personal Trainer Leads
A Targeted - Exclusive - Pre-Screened
Personal Training Lead Service.

Every Month Hundreds of Thousands of People use the Major Big Three Search Engines (Google,Yahoo and MSN) along with other Internet Search Directories and Engines to Locate and Hire Personal Trainers, Fitness Coaches or Weight Loss Consultants for One on One Personal Training, Weight Loss Programs and other Personal Health and Fitness Related Services.....

Are taking full advantage of tapping into the Power of the Internet to Locate Fitness Minded men and women searching for
Fitness & Nutrition related services?

Look at Just a few Search Engine Results from the Big 3 Search Engines for January 2009 - (Google,Yahoo,and MSN)

In Jan. 2009 The Key Word Phrase Personal Trainer
Was Searched for in the USA:
The Big 3 - (Google,Yahoo and MSN) - 344,078 times
Google - 196,616
Yahoo - 98,308
MSN - 49,154

In Jan. 2009 The Key Word Phrase Weight Loss Program
Was Search for in the USA:
The Big 3 - (Google,Yahoo and MSN) - 296,681 times
Google - 169,532
Yahoo - 84,766
MSN - 42,383

* Statistics data of searches made in major search engines of Overture partner group (Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, etc.). Provided by Overture.

With the explosion of Health Related issues and Obesity in the United States along with the on-going need to find certified fitness and nutrition professionals for men and women who are seeking ways to improve their overall fitness and health, My Personal Trainer Fitness Network has created a Targeted - Exclusive - Pre-Screened Personal Trainer Lead Solution for Certified Fitness Professionals.

My Personal Trainer Fitness Network
Introduces an Effective
Targeted - Exclusive - Pre-Screened
Personal Training Lead Service

My Personal Trainer Leads

Our Personal Training Leads will provide you with an on-going supply of High Quality Fitness, Weight Loss and Nutrition related Leads day after day.

We receive a steady stream of personal training leads at the My Personal Trainer Fitness Network on a daily basis and it is our goal to create a high quality Personal Trainer Matching Service for fitness minded men and women looking for fitness, health and nutrition support.

Personal Trainer Lead REAL EXAMPLE

We have provided to you a REAL EXAMPLE below of a personal training lead we just received for someone looking for fitness training services in a local area within the US. We have removed their personal information to respect their privacy.

Personal Information
First: Rachel M.I.: Last: Adams
City: Summerfield State: FL Zip: 34491
Country: US
Phone: 352-653-XXXX
Gender: F
Birthday: 1/19/1963

Training Profile
Are you seeking training for yourself or someone else?: Myself
What is your top Fitness & Health Goal?: Lose Weight & Reduce My Body Fat %
Are you currently recovering from any injuries?: N
If you answered Yes above, please describe your injury:
Share additional Fitness, Nutrition & Health Goals: improve CardioVascular health and fitness as well as lose 15 pounds and get toned up.

How often would you like to meet with your Trainer? 2 - 3 Days Per Week
When would you like to start Fitness Training? Now!
What times are best for you to workout?:
5:00 AM - 8:30 AM:
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM: M W
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM:
5:00 PM - 8:30 PM: M T W R F Sa Su
9:00 PM - 11:00 PM:
Please select any type of equipment that you currently own: Standard Dumbbells, Exercise Ball, Fitness Bands, Bowflex - TreadClimber
How flexible is your selected schedule above? I can be much more available
Where would you like to Fitness Train? In Home
Do you prefer a male or female Trainer? No preference
How long do you want to work with your trainer? 6 Months
When is the best time to contact you? Weekdays
Alternative location training options? None

Personal Trainer Testimonials

Here is what some of our Fitness Network Personal Trainers are saying about our Fitness Trainer Marketing Lead Capture Services that help power their Personal Training Business every day…………

“Fitness Results is a private gym for clients who pay for each session to work with a certified and experienced personal trainer. We have been established for 14 years and counting. We are always looking for new clients to help train and become the person they want to be. A part of attracting clients is staying current with what people are attracted to. There is no better system or network than the internet to reach the largest audience possible and within that My Personal Trainer Fitness Network is the best medium to help do so. There are a plethora of websites that promise a successful system to get leads but only one has come through. Time after time we have invested our money into websites that have given us faulty leads, but, My Personal Trainer Fitness Network has given us the greatest amount of leads with a fantastic ratio of them becoming clients at our facilities. We cannot thank them enough and we look forward to a long relationship with their services.” Lance McCullough
Owner - Fitness Results
Upland & San Dimas, California
December 2008

“So far, each lead you have given me has proved fruitful. I don't think we will have a 100% ratio forever, but for now I am celebrating! Example, for four leads, I pay $80.00. I perform an initial consultation and fitness assessment and make $320.00 before any of those four even perform one push up in a fitness program with me. That leaves me with $240.00 up front, after you guys, and I haven't done much but write on some paper....Then, it's $35.00 a session and most clients pay for 20 sessions on average...or more! That's $3040.00 on an $80.00 investment....I'll trade you $20.00 for $780.00 any day. Keep them coming! I just heard back from Jeanette and answered some initial questions from her and Stacey and Nidia are already enrolled and very happy!! I also just received the request from Judy.” Keep up the excellent work my friends!!!
Your Training Buddy,
Eric Smith
El Paso, Texas
November 2008

"My Personal Trainer Fitness Network has been a consistent source of quality leads for us. The fact that every lead is pre-screened results in a 100% closing rate. No bogus leads like some other referral companies. We have also received great communication from the My Personal Trainer Fitness Team too. Thank you so much, My Personal Trainer Fitness Network for a superior service!"

Dan DeFigio, Director
Basics and Beyond, LLC
Nashville, Tennessee
January 2009

“You’re My Personal Trainer Fitness Lead website, actually provides more qualified and local leads for me. Closing rate on all leads from My Personal Trainer Fitness Network is very high for my organization. I am very pleased thus far with our results from The My Personal Trainer Fitness Network lead system. We also belong to as well, but once we get a lead, we are competing against several other trainers, so it’s pretty much a cattle call lead and we still have to pay for the lead itself, though there are another 10 trainers going after it.” Keep up the good work guys!!! Patricia Jentsch - Owner
WellFIT Personal Training Group
San Antonio, Texas
February 2009

My Personal Trainer Marketing

Is trying to create a nationwide fitness network of personal trainers for fitness minded men and women that are searching for certified fitness professionals in their geographic area for Personal Training & nutrition related services.

As you will notice, we ask very specific and detailed questions from these fitness leads to help eliminate spam related or false leads as well as helping provide the personal trainer we forward the lead to, with complete and detailed information to follow up with the potential fitness client on....

These Personal Trainer Leads are:

Exclusive - Targeted - Pre-Screened Fitness Leads

If you do have interest in receiving on-going future fitness training leads for your service area and would like to be one of our premiere network approved trainers, then please take the time to complete our personal trainer lead request form at the link below....

Personal Trainer Lead Application

Today, many Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches have done an awesome job of creating an online presence with their fitness & health related websites that are focused on promoting their Personal Training & Nutrition services to prospective fitness clients, but that's only one small part of the total fitness success equation, when it comes to generating targeted fitness related web traffic and gaining new fitness clients in your local area.

How does someone find your personal training & nutrition services online today?

What type of targeted fitness traffic are you generating to your fitness, weight loss & nutrition related website?

Are you spending 1,000's of dollars on website design, with NO REAL Return on your invested dollars with gaining New Fitness, Weight Loss and Nutrition related Clients?

Are you spending tons of $$ on PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising with limited fitness lead results and getting stuck with costly pay per click advertising bills each and every month?

Are you using expensive fitness & personal trainer lead services that take your money and make you compete with multiple trainers for the very same fitness client?

Are you just not getting any or the right kind of exposure at all with your slick, client friendly website that speaks of your business with NO Local Targeted Fitness Traffic?

Maybe you Don't even have a website, but are looking to expand your personal training or nutrition services, but have a limited fitness budget?

Well look NO FURTHER, because our Targeted - Exclusive - Pre-Qualified Personal Training Fitness Lead Service with My Personal Trainer Leads Delivers to Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches, the opportunity to finally gain New Fitness & Personal Training Clients in YOUR local area, who are looking for High Quality - Personal Training, Weight Loss and Fitness Related Services.

My Personal Trainer Fitness Leads REALLY Deliver

An Automated Fitness Lead Capturing Service
Get Targeted Pre-Qualified Personal Training Leads
Earn FREE Personal Trainer Lead Credits by submitting articles
Get a FREE Personal Trainer Directory Listing for more leads
Get a FREE Personal Trainer Profile webpage to increase leads
Get Targeted, Exclusive Pre-Qualified Weight Loss Leads
Get a FREE Personal Training Lead Credit when you sign up
Get Targeted, Exclusive Pre-Qualified Fitness Leads
Gain More Fitness and Personal Training Clients Today!
Get our No Contact - No Cost FREE Lead Credit Guarantee
Generate more business Cash Flow with Fitness Leads!

If you are READY to take it to the Next Level with your Personal Training Business and Get Fitness Leads that are Exclusive, Targeted and Pre-Qualified, then complete our Quick and Easy My Personal Trainer Lead Application and Learn more about how our fitness lead service will fill your fitness client pipeline today!

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Personal Training Leads Today!!

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