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Jump start your business & begin making money today
In today's rapidly growing health and fitness market, fitness professionals like you face competitive challenges.
What if you could instantly:
Promote and grow your business
Uncover new unlimited revenue
Track client sessions with integrated billing
Enhance your professional appearance
Attract new clients
Handle a wider client base
Strengthen existing client loyalty
Give clients a total solution for healthy living with 24/7 access
Easily show results and value
Keep your clients motivated
Now you can - with eFitnessTracker, the ultimate new service for the fitness industry. You can even set up your own private-branded, eFitnessTracker Powered Web site to help advance your business to the next level!
Customize and fully integrate your exercise and nutrition programs
Personalize eFitnessTracker with your brand and message
Promote and grow your business with greater efficiency
Elevate your professional appearance while delivering faster results
Demonstrate more value
Boost client retention and motivation with 24/7 access and communication
Increase your service offerings to gain more revenue from your client base

Tools for the Professional
eFitnessTracker enables trainers and nutritionists to organize the ongoing progress of their clients, making it easy to show value using the following features:
Scheduling and management of clients
Print workouts, invoices, waiver forms, assessment forms & progress reports
Customize your site with your own articles, success stories, products, etc.
Accept payments & Credit Cards
Set client goals
Calculate client's required daily calorie intake and average calorie expenditure
Track client measurements and upload before and after pictures
Create reusable custom workout routines and meal plans in seconds
Send emails and post messages to clients, including morning email tips and workouts in PDF
Set up Membership Levels with any feature turned on or off
Connect with a Mobile Device to track client workouts
Fitness for the Individual
eFitnessTracker gives your clients an easy to use calendar to follow your specifically designed fitness program. Your clients can easily track their progress and see results using the following features:
Unique client profile with login access, activated by you
Direct communication with their trainer
Workouts with image & video enhanced exercises
Health & Fitness Tips
Fitness Calculators
Daily food diary with over 7000 foods, including nutritional information such as calories, carbs, proteins and fats
Many available Healty Meals and Recipes
Automatic calorie balancing
Progress reports with both text & graphs
Fitness Forum, Blog & Chat Room
Connect with a Mobile Device to record daily Food Diary or self-paced workouts exclusively prepared by you
  "eFitnessTracker is a professional solution for the fitness professional. If you are enhancing your business or starting a new one, eFitnessTracker gives you the tools to get you there."