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Business Account
Includes a trainer login with full web access as well as available Mobile Device connectivity. Trainers have the capability to create custom exercise and nutrition programs, schedule and manage clients, use our assessment and liability/waiver forms, as well as our integrated client billing solution.

In the Business Account you receive the following tools: Also includes your very own private-branded eFitnessTracker Powered Web site with your own unique web address and name to promote on business cards, tee shirts, flyers etc. Display your own custom message and personalize your site to prospective and current clients. You can even setup your own Fitness Community Blog!

Using your new web site, you will be able to accept payments and train clients online. It's fully integrated with Paypal, so you can accept credit cards or eChecks instantly. You choose what types of training plans to offer and what prices to charge. Just 10 clients at $49.95 per month sums up to nearly $500 a month, and that is real income every month!

In addition, you can choose to activate your own online Fitness Store stocked with our products that your receive commissions on. AND sign up with Google Ads for an advertising account and we will automatically integrate it into your website! OR use your own Custom Ads where you receive high commissions on every converted sale from affiliates you are signed up with. You get ALL the revenues!

It's a perfect add-on to your current services. Start now to create a dependable ongoing monthly revenue stream with monthly recurring billing for your clients, online advertising, and commissions on Fitness Gear!

Step 1: Select your account type by clicking on it — All accounts have similar features except for the number of client licenses. Why do we have different client license levels? We are realistic that as you grow in clients, then your business site will require more care, maintenance and infrastructure. We want to provide the very best support to your business and treat you as a real partner.
* Additional client licenses can be added on to the account at any time.
* PayPal is the secure payment processor for eFitnessTracker. All subscriptions have a 30 day money back guarantee and include full tech support.
Step 2: Choose a business name — Your business name will be displayed at the top of the web page and throughout. An example is Personal Training Studios, John's Fitness Club, or whatever you wish.
Your Business Name:
...and an abbreviated business name — Your abbreviated business name will be used in situations where room is limited to display a longer name. An example is PT Studios, John's Fitness, or whatever you wish. (limit 25 characters)
Abbreviated Name:

Step 3: Choose a web address — Your personal web address will take you and your clients to your personal page with your business name. An example is or whatever you wish.
Your Web Address: Check Availability
  OR Select this option to use my own unique Web Address.

Give us your registered address such as, and we set it up to use our servers! There is a one time setup cost of $34.95.

Step 4: Choose site options beginning with site layout below.
There are 23 different layouts to choose from with different color options. Scroll through to select your layout. To limit visible layouts by color, unselect the colors from Color Options on the right.

Some templates displayed based on designs by

Color Options:










Zoom Layout

— If you have your own website, color scheme, and/or graphics, then WE WILL CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEBSITE inside and out! Check out an example at:

   Select this option to use my own color scheme and header graphics.

If you choose a custom site option, we will use the layout selected above and contact you to determine what logo and color scheme to match. There is a one time setup cost of $59.95.

Optional header logo— Sample logos below are displayed in plain grey color and will be adjusted to your color scheme. Select '' if you are getting a custom header or do not want a logo.

Optional header graphic on right side— Select 'Do Not Add' if you are getting a custom header or do not want a graphic on the right side.

Step 5: Select optional Fitness Marketing Suite that includes:
  • Fitness Rewards Module that encourages your members to adopt habits that will gradually lead to permanent healthy lifestyle changes, such as increased physical activity and healthy nutrition choices. We track and analyze key statistics that earn your members eFitPoints which you can use to reward your members with prizes marketing your business such as a T-shirt or a 10% coupon for example. Click here to see an example of a page you get with how points are tracked.
  • Fitness Community & Blog that will be exclusively setup for your site only, and you are the admin. Click here to see an example.
   YES! Upgrade my site with the Fitness Marketing Suite for just $10/month.

Last Step: Enter your contact email and click the 'Get My Business Account' button to get started.
Your Contact Email:

If you have a PROMO Code enter it here:

* PayPal is the secure payment processor for eFitnessTracker. All subscriptions have a 30 day money back guarantee. PayPal customer support number is 1-888-221-1161
* If you use a PROMO code that offers a free trial, no charges will be incurred at sign up and you can cancel at anytime.